Story: Twin Turbo Gallardo Meets Hayabusa

A pretty funny story…

I was driving my Twin Turbo Gallardo home from Atlanta, GA after visiting some friends (a nice 500 mile ride). As soon as I enter Florida there is a street bike I am coming up on, so of course I have to punch it past him and let out some fire. Of course he doesn’t like that and comes up next to me to do some runs. Well 3 runs later I pulled on him HARD every time…wasn’t even close. He then backs off and we go our separate ways.

Yesterday I open my email to see a message with the subject “turnpike hayabusa”. The email is as follows:

do u own a green lambo? if so I embarrassed myself on the turnpike last night. I just have a stock busa. but what the hell did u do to that lambo to flame the hwy like that lol. I have never challenged anyone but after driving from the panhandle I was seriously bored. that was the sickest thing I have ever seen outside of a blue angels demo since it was all live action. major props to u sir

I then respond telling him that it was a blast running the two together and the car is a Twin Turbo by Underground Racing. Also mentioned that it was crazy he tracked me down and sent an email. Wild! His last response:

thanks for the reply. I mean it. although I’m not typically a speedster I just couldn’t resist. I own a mercedes Benz repair shop and have driven some fast ‘stock’ cars but I’ve never experienced anything like that. really, thanks for the experience. beats the hulk ride at universal lol

All in all, a pretty crazy story! We’re gonna get together sometime to shoot some video of the two going at it.

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