NEW: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

After selling my 1st Gallardo and having moved to Florida, I was really eager to change it up and get into a Gallardo Spyder. I found the perfect car I was looking for at Lamborghini Miami, so me and my roommate took a ride down to pick it up.

All wired up. Valentine One, Passport 9500, Garmin, SunPass, etc...let's roll!

More photos and full story inside…

Once we got close to Miami, exotics were popping up left and right. Here is a Murcielago I caught in action.

Once arriving at Lamborghini Miami it was pretty straightforward. The car was exactly as described with tons of options; full carbon fiber interior, carbon ceramic brakes, back up cam, navigation, travel package, branding package, callisto wheels, white piping, alcantara steering wheel, perforated leather, etc!

Fueling up on the way home…

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My initial thoughts…this car is 100X better than the 05 coupe…
-The newer egear clutch is so much smoother (no jerkiness, jumping, etc)
-The carbon ceramic brakes are insane (they are off off off ON, and then your face about goes through the windshield…used to them now though)
-Carbon fiber interior is badass
-etc etc

Also wanted to note I surprisingly like the stock exhaust (for now) it’s quiet when you’re cruising, but when you get to ~4,000 RPMs it really opens up (especially with the top down).

What’s cool about this car is that it was Lamborghini’s actual car they built to attend shows and dealerships to show clients every option possible for a Gallardo Spyder…the sticker was 298k. I wanted an 08 because of the warranty, but this car has warranty longer than 08 believe it or not because of when it was titled (it’s a MY2007).

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See more PHOTOS of this car!


Thanks Brett David and Lamborghini Miami!

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