NEW: Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe

After selling my Gallardo Spyder I was eager to get back into a coupe to do a twin turbo build on. My requirements were it had to be hot color (pearl white, lime green, pearl orange), clear engine bonnet, and 06+. I was really shooting for a manual, but whatever came up first and fit into my criteria was going to be the one.

Found the perfect car at a dealer in San Fransisco, California and picked it up right away. You can see my initial plans for the car above. Before being shipped, I had a new clutch installed and a service complete. Then the car was loaded up…

By the time the car landed here in Florida I was back in PA for the 4th of July. My friend took delivery for me and dropped it off at the local shop so it was going to be all ready to go once I got back.

What was I having done?

  • Powder coat wheels gloss black
  • Match calipers to body color w/ black Lamborghini script
  • Black out tail lights, sidemarkers, and rear Lamborghini emblem

Mods complete!

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