Meeting Up With Cody And His Superleggera (Round 2 – Trouble Ensues)

Most of you probably remember the first time Cody and I met up…well, this time we had some visitors!

Full story inside

Just a few days after meeting up for the first time we wanted to do so again and get some better video footage. We set out near the Pittsburgh International Airport and did some “runs” together on video. After we finished up, we met at a parking lot (pictured above) to say goodbye before heading our separate ways.

All of the sudden one cop goes down the road with his lights on, then another, and another and another, etc. Finally one pulls in and then FIVE others pull in (including the K9 unit…later told the entire jurisdiction was out for us). Officer gets out, asks who’s driving the Lambos…ah shit. Can’t say much, but we got some pretty hefty tickets.

Now needless to say, standing there with two Lamborghinis pulled over by five cops is pretty badass! Of course we’re trying to sneak a picture or video every chance we get. So after being issued our tickets, the one cop turns to us and goes, “Well, let’s face it, not everyday do we have two friggin’ Lambos pulled over! You guys care if we catch some pics?” We immediately respond, “Absolutely officer!” Cop comes back, “Here lets put our lights back on to make it more interesting!” Too cool.

I get out my professional D-SLR, tripod, the whole 9 and start snapping away. The one officer comes over to me, “Look son you have a much better camera than me, here’s my business card, email me those pictures so I can get a new wallpaper wouldya! Oh here, let me write down my personal email on the back so my boss doesn’t see these.” I’m laughing my ass off. To this day I still carry his card in my wallet as it always make this story that much better.

The cop and I are now friends on Facebook and chat quite a bit. Hopefully next time he’ll be able to provide an escort rather than this!

Lots more to it, but that’s about all we can say ;)

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