College Decisions

College was a very tough decision for me and often lead to heated discussions with my parents. Initially I was going to small private university near my home just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I was going to be studying business / finance for no other reason than just to “go”…dumb. In the meantime, I was running several  websites I had been working on for years and the web was truly what I loved and had a passion for. I needed to change this quick before it was too late.

Crazy how this ties back to cars, but months prior I got my first Lamborghini. I met a friend on a Lamborghini forum that was also very young, extremely talented, and successful. We had been chatting for weeks and found many similarities between us and what we do. Of course college came up and he begins telling me about his school, Full Sail University.

I immediately began doing research…

Wow, this place was made for me! Basically how it works…I would be getting a Bachelors of Science in Web Design & Development in the course of 21 months. Unlike a traditional university, I’d go to school 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and finish in half the time. In the end, you actually have more credit hours than your typical 4 year degree. They also reduce the “general education” as much as possible so you’re able to get fully accredited, but cut out as much of the BS as possible. Another great thing is that they operate on a monthly schedule! Every month is like a new semester. Oh wait a second, and I get to move to Florida!!? DONE!

This is all happening with literally a week to spare til orientation at the other university I was initially headed to. The next day, me and my mom hop on a flight to Florida for a tour of the school. It’s amazing. So much technology and the vibe is like no other. Because the school is centered around the entertainment industry, everyone is there because they are chasing a dream of theirs and more importantly, doing something they all love to do.

Once returning back to PA the next day, I opt out of the other school right away and start planning for Full Sail. There is no on-campus housing, so looking for my own place is the next hurdle. Taking multiple day trips to Florida within’ a week’s time to look at different places. Finally found what I love, but it was going to be several weeks until I could close on the place. I hit up my buddy that referred me to Full Sail and he has no issue with me crashing at his place for a few weeks.

It’s unreal how nicely everything started to come together. Then it’s time to move to Florida…what’s better than another roadtrip?

Since this post, I have graduated college!

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