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Comparison: Audi R8 vs. Lamborghini Gallardo

Nov. 20th, 2011

This is a tough one. Really depends what you’re going for. I’m going to write this comparison from the view of a non-TT pre-560 Gallardo vs. the R8 V8.

Again, this here depends what you’re going for. Girls absolutely go crazy over a white R8. It’s very classy looking, feminine-esque styling, and the LED lights in the front and engine bay throw them over the top. The Gallardo on the other hand, much more edgy and extreme in every department. Personally, I like the front end on the R8 better (probably because the LED lighting), and much prefer the rear end of the Gallardo. If I had to choose one here, it’s the Lamborghini…nothing else like it.

Here I have to choose the R8. Much more roomy feeling, leather is extremely soft, and hey the thing has cup holders lol. The steering wheel is the perfect size for my hands and I love the way it feels with how the car handles (also nice that includes controls for the audio). The front boot also feels bigger to me, but that might just be because the hood is so damn big. The Gallardo interior definitely feels dated in the pre-560 car, but it’s very Lamborghini (accented stitching, suede headliner, tight feeling, so on).

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