Building My Realistic Dream Garage

Built with Google Sketchup. This program is badass! A friend showed me how you could import model cars from Google’s 3d Warehouse so I went to work on what my realistic dream garage will look like.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the program itself, but people have created cars, houses, buildings, EVERYTHING to import and you can create a to-scale 3D model. I haven’t tried it yet, but I guess you can then export to Google Earth and place it on a map and see it in 3D with other buildings how it would look / if the land is big enough, etc…nice!

While these might look boring…actually navigating around and using the camera view to ‘walk’ through is pretty cool! More photos and why I chose each inside

Don't mind the LV duffel full of cash hahaha nice touch


  • LP560-4: My daily driver.
  • LP640-4: Have to have one, for nights out with the girl.
  • Ford GT: Blast to drive, good investment car, safe buy.
  • UGR TTG SL: Gotta have a twin turbo Gallardo in the lineup.
  • Bugatti Veyron: For when you have to shut down the show.
  • Rolls Phantom: For when you need a few extra seats for the night out.
  • Range Rover Sport: Daily drove along with the 560, for when you need an SUV.
  • Hummer H2 Stretch: For when you and your guys are headed out for the night.
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